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A better contact page

Traditional webform


Conversational page


How it works

You share the link

Easily share link to your conversational page when talking to a person. Publish it on social-media bios and email signature to make it more discoverable.

People interact with your page

The pre-designed interactive conversational page will automatically handle the conversation so that you can focus on your tasks.

You get their information

Instant email notifications are sent by You can also configure to send data to other apps you are using in your workflow

Business cards

Print the link on your visiting card like phone or email address

Email Signature

Setup signatures so that your reciepient can reach you directly

Share your branded link everywhere

Social media profiles

Instagram and twitter bio is the best place for your audience to reach you

Website contact us

Replace traditional form based contact page with our link and impress your clients

Frequently Asked Questions

What is is your conversational page that can be shared with your audience using a unique URL.

Your audience can easily engage with your page, and it will automatically interact with everyone.

Once the conversation is complete, you will get notified via email with the chat transcript.

Is free to use? is on an invite-only soft launch. It’s 100% free to use until we launch the product. Post the launch, will continue to have a free plan, with limited features.

Advanced features will be available on a monthly plan with single-digit pricing.

Please if you have more questions about pricing.

What can a conversational page do for me?

Your page can be configured to schedule appointments with prospects, collect feedback from customers, connect with your followers and much more.

The data collected during the chat can be viewed via email and dashboard, or it can be sent to any third-party app.

How do I build my page?

The conversation on your page can be designed using our simple drag and drop builder. There are advanced script types inside the builder to help make the conversation more interactive. It is also possible to embed videos, GIFs and images into your conversation.

Your page can be created in any language. Integrations to Zapier, Google Sheets, Google Calendar are also available to help you manage the data collected by

How to make the best use of page?

Your page URL can conveniently fit in a sentence. For example: “If you wish to know more about my services, please and I will be happy to help you”.

It’s also the perfect link to add to your Instagram or Twitter bio or wherever you have an online presence.

Where do I get an invite code?

The best way to get an invite code is to ask a user who already has an account in

Otherwise you can join our waiting list from above and refer 2 friends to get an invite code. There additional rewards, when you refer more people 😊

I have more questions

Please for any other questions.